Repair, Rebabbitting & Rebuilds

Fusion Babbitting provides high-quality bearing repair, rebabbitting, & rebuilds in the U.S. Our most sought after bearing repair & rebabbitting services include centrifugal casting and arc flame spray applications. Both processes guarantee an end product that is as good or better than the original. Exceeding client expectations is a point of pride for our facility. We adhere to a strict standard of quality and go the distance to ensure rebuilt bearings are properly inspected & tested prior to concluding every project. Fusion is a trusted source for the repair of bearings used in turbines, generators, and motors. These applications are vital to the operations of hydro plants, nuclear plants, shipyards, steel mills, aluminum mills, cement plants, chemical plants, and many other industries as well. If you have worn bearings that need to be repaired fast, get a quote from Fusion.

We offer:

  • Centrifugal Casting up to 72 inch Outside Diameter
  • Machining Outside Diameters up to 120 inches OD x 72 inches tall
  • TIG Welding, Oxygen Acetylene Repair and Static Babbitt Pouring
  • Certified ASTM B-23 grades of Babbitt
  • Arc Flame Spray to return OD and/or housing to original specs
  • Reverse Engineering and Manufacture of new bearings
  • Hydrostatic Testing
  • MEG Testing
  • In-house Ultrasonic Testing Level 2
  • Dye Penetrant Inspection and Testing
  • Final Inspection Reports provided
  • All procedures meet or exceed OEM Specifications
  • Water Jacketed Bearings cleaned and Pressure Tested for leaks and repaired

Centrifugal Casting

Why should you choose to centrifugally cast
a babbitt bearing?

Fusion also maintains an inventory of certified babbitt, allowing Fusion to match any OEM specification of babbitt that your bearing would require

Quality of Bond

Fusion Babbitting procedures ensure the highest Quality Bond in the industry 98-100% mechanically and chemically. We will provide Ultrasonic Bond Certifications to validate bearing quality.

Arc Flame Spray Application

The Arc Flame Spray process not only allows Fusion to increase the original surface thickness of a bearing, or components, to OEM specification, but the process also allows us to apply other arc spray metals, such as bronze, steel and cast iron.

Quality Assurance and Control

Quality Assurance and Control is our first priority:

  • Babbitt Bearings of all types are centrifugally cast and machined to meet or exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Bearing shells are carefully examined for mechanical flaws and purified. Our Certified Technicians use ultrasonic testing and dye penetrant inspection to guarantee babbitt-to-shell bonds.

24 Hour Emergency Service

When you really need help! Call Fusion Babbitting. Our 24 hour – 7 days per week service professionals will be there. We take pride in our service capabilities for the refurbishing of worn bearings. We realize that in most cases, there is a sense of urgency and we expedite the manufacturing process accordingly. In other words we’ll do everything we can to “get it to you, when you need it!”


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