Arc Flame Spray Application

Trust Fusion Babbitting for high-grade babbitt bearing repair & restoration services in the U.S. Our Arc Flame Spray process is an effective metal coating solution that will restore the outside diameter of worn bearings back to their original specifications. We have a reputation for producing high-quality end products with quick turnaround times. In fact, we promise results that meet or exceed the requirements of your bearing. Our facility is equipped to handle the restoration needs of bearings used in turbines, generators, pumps, and motors. Ready for a quote?

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The Arc Flame Spray Process is the introduction of two electrically conductive wires (from 1.6mm to 2mm in diameter) that are melted by means of an electric arc process operating up to 350 amps. The molten material produced by the electric arc is them atomized by the introduction of compressed air, which propels the molten metal towards the surface requiring the buildup of new material.


The molten particles impacting and adhering to the target surface rapidly solidifying to form a very strong and dense coating on the original base material. This style of arc flame spray process is called the “cold process” (relative to the base metal/material being coated) as the base material’s temperature can be kept low during processing to avoid distortion or warping damage and or metallurgical changes in the base material.

This process provides low operating costs, with high spray rates and greater efficiencies for spraying larger areas and allowing for higher production rates.

A World Leading Coating Solution

Fusion’s ARC FLAME SPRAY PROCESS has been perfected to provide one of the most effective metal coating solutions available. This exceptional performance and adhesion to the base metal, provides a new surface that can be machined back to your bearing’s original outside diameter.

Fusion has embraced this process and created a reputation in the industry as a company that can provide outstanding turnaround times, along with the highest quality product that meets and exceeds the requirements for the bearings being refurbished.

Fusion’s commitment to this technology and serving you better doesn’t stop there. Fusion has created an environmentally conscious application system that is best for our most valuable resource; our employees as well as the environment.



If you need babbitt bearing repairs, reverse engineered bearings, or diagnostic testing, contact Fusion Babbitting today for a free quote!

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