Fusion Babbitting is a reliable source for the repair of turbine bearings used in hydropower plants and pumped-storage plants. Our facility is equipped to re-babbitt and re-machine hydro bearings to OEM specifications. Get a quote on hydro bearing refurbishment – contact us.

Hydro Turbine Bearing Repair

Hydroelectric power is the largest renewable energy source in the U.S. and bearings are vital components of the turbines and generators that produce and store electricity. We are proud to serve states that rely on hydroelectricity, like Washington, California, Oregon, New York, and Alabama. If you need hydro turbine bearing repair in the U.S., you can rely on Fusion Babbitting for expert inspections, fast repairs, and the highest-quality results.

Our repair & rebabbitting services are suitable for hydropower applications including turbine bearings, generator bearings, hydro guide bearings, hydro guide shoes, and more.

Our Services

We are proud to offer hydro turbine bearing repair services that keep hydropower plants and pumped-storage plants operating at peak performance. Our services include:

Centrifugal Casting

Fusion is known for high-quality bearing rebabbitting. Our centrifugal casting process ensures the strongest bond and a longer-lasting bearing. We create a centrifugal force by pouring molten babbitt onto a spinning bearing, and then rapidly cooling the bearing. We can cast a bearing with an outside diameter of 72” and up to 7,000lbs.

Arc Flame Spray

Our arc flame spray process is an effective metal coating solution, and a highly sought after one at that. Using an electric arc process we can build up a new coating on worn bearings. This coating adheres strongly to the original base material and will be machined back to the bearing’s original OEM specifications.

Reverse Engineering

If you need critical components that are no longer available through the OEM, Fusion can help. Our facility has the expertise & resources to reverse engineer hydropower bearings that are damaged beyond repair. We can also produce spare components so that you have backups on hand.

New Manufacturing

Our bearing knowledge and machining capabilities make Fusion the perfect choice for the manufacturing of new hydro bearings. We work with many major OEM manufacturers and would be happy to give you a quote on your bearing manufacturing needs.

Emergency Bearing Repair for Hydropower Turbines & Generators

Hydropower applications rely on working bearings. That makes quick & effective repairs a necessity. When you have an emergency and need a quick turnaround on service, please give us a call. We’ll arrange for swift pickup and delivery of your parts to our Milwaukee facility so that we can get to work on your repair or rebuild as soon as possible. Your bearing(s) will be returned just as quickly once the restoration process is complete and the finished product tested for precision and quality. Learn More.


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