Reverse Engineering of Babbitt Bearings

Fusion Babbitting offers reverse engineering services for bearing components in the U.S. We take great pride in assisting our clients when the products they need are no longer available. Our team possesses the knowledge and capabilities necessary to reverse engineer and duplicate critical components in the least amount of time without jeopardizing quality. You will receive detailed drawings, via Solidworks, and finished new bearings or components that meet or exceed OEM specifications.

We are proud to repair and manufacture bearings for a wide range of industries, including fossil, hydro energy, marine, mining, nuclear, oil & gas, power generation, pulp & paper, steel, and utilities. If you need a bearing component that is no longer available through the original OEM, let’s discuss your reverse engineering options.

Original OEM

In many cases the bearing shell or other components may no longer be available from the original OEM supplier: whether you are in need of a spare or your bearing is damaged beyond repair, Fusion Babbitting’s expert staff has you covered.

Secure forging

The painted bearing in red, is an example of a customer’s bearing that was made from a casting. No patterns were available, so Fusion secured a forging to manufacture the customer’s spare bearing.

Fusion’s staff inspected the cast iron bearing shell and provided a new design solution to the client which replaced the existing cast iron with forged steel billet bearing shell. Using a forging rather than a casting enabled Fusion Babbitting to complete the project in weeks rather than months. This has provided the customer with a more robust bearing that has continued to stand up to the rigors of the application.


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