Case Studies

Steel Mill Industry

A client from the steel mill industry had a need for a replacement bearing for a roll grinder (as indicated in primary image). The steel mill had requested either a replacement or rebuild bearing from the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). After many months without a response from the OEM, the client contacted Fusion Babbitting Co. for assistance. The client sent an old bearing which our Engineering Department reverse engineered and created CAD drawings for the client to validate. Once the customer approved the design, the new bearing was produced to match the original OEM specs. The machine is up and running and the client knows they can count on Fusion to provide parts that are no longer being produced by the OEM.

GE 10,000 HP Motor Bearing

A steel mill needed spare bearings for a 10,000 HP critical motor. A small window of downtime was scheduled into production to allow Fusion personnel to be on sight. Drawings were made of drive end and ODE bearings. Fusion was then able to reverse engineer and provide the customer with new bearings.

Cooling Fan Blades

Fusion was at a customer’s site and they were telling us of their difficulty in finding any company to manufacture new cooling fan blades for a large critical fan. They provided us with a “good” sample. Fusion was able to use the sample, invest-cast a new blank and machine a new cooling fan blade in 4 weeks. The customer had been searching for 10 months.

Allis-Chalmers Hydro guide bearing

The customer had a 15″ ID X 24″ lg. 3 pc. segmented bearing with 120 degree segments. The customer wanted a 2 piece bearing assembly with 180 degree halves. Fusion submitted a drawing for review, after customer approved, Fusion manufactured a new bearing.

Motor Repair Facility

A motor repair facility had a set of GE bearings, the utility was in an unscheduled outage with costly downtime. Fusion re-babbitted and re-machined the bearings and expedited the delivery within 48 hrs, we chartered an airplane and had the bearings delivered ahead of schedule.

Roll Grinder

Bearing Support

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Before & After


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