Bearing Products and Accessories

Fusion Babbitting Co., Inc. can provide any style of RTD or (Resistance Temperature Detector), Thermocouples and or Seals required for your new and or remanufactured bearings. These bearing accessories are critical to the proper function and performance of the babbitted bearing shoe and or contact surface for large rotating equipment, and or the atmospheric environments they may be operating in.

The monitoring of the babbitted bearing temperature is done to prevent critical bearing component failure or damage, caused by lubrication oil breakdown generated by excessive heat. While the Thermocouples perform as safety shut down devices or indicators that protect the equipment before damage can occur.

We can provide the full range of sensor styles, case types and sizes required, from miniature sensors to large wand probes along with the hardware required for mounting.

Bearing Parts & Products Available

Hydrogen Seals
Hydrogen seals are an oil lubricated seal (gland style seals) designed to prevent hydrogen leakage from the pressurized hydrogen cooled environment within electric generator shells.

Oil Rings
Also called slinger rings are used in ring lubricated bearings. These rings ride on the shaft and around the bottom half of the bearing dipping into an oil reservoir. The ring distributes oil into the bearing to keep it lubricated.

Oil Seals
Aluminum or Brass oil seals that are installed on the ends of the bearing or housings to keep oil from spilling out the ends.

RTD’s (Resistance Temperature Detectors)
RTD’s are temperature probes that measure operating temperature and can send warnings when temperatures exceed proper operating levels.

Thermocouples are temperature probes that measure operating temperature.

Thrust Plates
Thrust Plates are babbitted flat plates that protect equipment if the rotor or journal thrusts in one direction.



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