Babbitt Bearing Services

Fusion Babbitting offers high-quality babbitt bearing services backed by 40 years of experience. We specialize in the repair, rebabbitting, rebuild, custom manufacturing, and reverse engineering of babbitt bearings. We have the resources and expertise to help you with babbitt bearings for hydro, nuclear, and utility applications. Our Babbitt Bearing Company frequently manufactures, repairs, and refurbishes bearings used in industrial equipment, including but not limited to motors, pumps, turbines, fans, and more.

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Babbitt Bearing Repair, Refurbishment & Manufacturing

Babbitt Bearing Repair

We can help you with babbitt bearing repair, rebabbitting, and rebuilds. When you choose Fusion for babbitt bearing repair, your parts will be returned to their original condition or better.

Centrifugal Casting

Centrifugal casting offers a stronger bond and the best bearing integrity; extending the life of your bearings. On top of that, we assure quality with dye penetrant testing and an ultrasonic bond certification.

Arc Flame Spray

Arc flame spray builds up metal on worn bearings and components; they are then machined to OEM specifications. This application also allows us to apply other arc spray metals like bronze, steel & cast iron as well.

New Manufacture

Our facility is equipped to manufacture bearings to exact OEM specifications. On top of drawing documentation and support components, we offer quick turnaround times and high-quality end products.

Reverse Engineering

Our reverse engineering team possesses the expertise and tools to duplicate bearings that are no longer available from the original OEM supplier. We can help you with spare parts and when bearings are beyond repair.


We have bearing parts and products available for sale; including hydrogen seals, oil rings, oil seals, resistance temperature detectors, thermocouples, and thrust plates. Give us a call for a quote on bearing accessories.

Emergency Babbitt Bearing Repair

You can depend on Fusion Babbitting for 24/7 emergency bearing repair. When worn bearings or components cause an outage, give us a call! We’ll do everything we can to expedite the manufacturing process without sacrificing quality. We can also arrange same day or next day pickup/delivery.



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