Babbitt bearings are vital to various heavy-duty applications, from automotive to power generation, offering high load capacity, excellent resistance to wear, and low friction​​. Babbitt bearing services, including repair, refurbishment, and manufacturing, play a crucial role in maintaining the operational efficiency of these applications. This guide aims to show you the depths of Babbitt bearing services, including their use cases, advantages, maintenance tips, and the types of services provided by reputable companies in the industry.

What Are Babbitt Bearings?

Babbitt bearings are made from a soft metal alloy composed of tin, copper, and antimony, providing the softness to the shape of the journal, reduce friction, and resist corrosion​​.

Common Uses of Babbitt Bearings

Babbitt bearings find extensive use in heavy machinery, automotive applications, mining equipment, power generation, and the marine industry. Their high load capacity, excellent wear resistance, and low friction make them suitable for high-speed rotating equipment like turbines, generators, and motors​​.

Advantages of Babbitt Bearings

Babbitt bearings boast several advantages over other types of bearings. These include high load-carrying capacity, low friction, self-lubrication, low noise, corrosion resistance, easy maintenance, versatility, and durability​​.

Maintenance Tips for Babbitt Bearings

Proper maintenance of Babbitt bearings ensures their longevity and optimal performance. Regular inspections, lubrication, temperature monitoring, alignment, and correct installation are essential aspects of Babbitt bearing maintenance​​.

Babbitt Bearing Services

Companies like Fusion Babbitting specialize in Babbitt bearing services, offering repair, rebabbitting, rebuilds, custom manufacturing, and reverse engineering of Babbitt bearings. Such services cater to various industries, including hydro plants, nuclear plants, shipyards, steel mills, aluminum mills, and chemical plants​.

Babbitt Bearing Repair, Rebabbitting & Rebuilds

Fusion Babbitting provides high-quality bearing repair, rebabbitting, and rebuilds. The company adheres to a strict standard of quality, ensuring rebuilt bearings are properly inspected and tested before concluding every project​​.

Centrifugal Casting

The centrifugal casting technique involves spinning a bearing at the proper RPM, allowing molten Babbitt to be poured under pressure. This process ensures the best bond strength and bearing integrity and extends the life of your bearing​​.

Arc Flame Spray Application

The arc flame spray application is a metal coating solution that increases the original surface thickness of bearings or components by applying an arc spray metal. The components are then machined to OEM specifications​​.

New Manufacture & Reverse Engineering

Fusion Babbitting is equipped to manufacture bearings to exact OEM specifications. Their reverse engineering team can duplicate bearings no longer available from the original OEM supplier​​.

Quality Assurance and Control

At Fusion Babbitting, quality assurance and control is the top priority. The company’s ISO 9001:2015 Certified facility upholds the highest standards of quality, with every finished product meeting or exceeding OEM specifications​​.

Emergency Babbitt Bearing Services

Recognizing the urgency of many industrial bearing repairs, Fusion Babbitting offers 24/7 emergency Babbitt bearing services. This includes the manufacture of new bearings, refurbishment of worn bearings, and reverse engineering of components no longer available​​.