Babbitting Services in Utah

Bearing Repair, Restoration & Manufacturing for Utah Industries

Fusion Babbitting is a trusted provider of high-quality babbitting services, catering to the needs of industries in Utah. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified repair shop, we offer a range of specialized services, including rebabbitting, reverse engineering, diagnostic testing, arc flame spray application, and more. We are dedicated to providing excellent service for both routine maintenance and emergency repairs. For more information and a free quote, contact Fusion Babbitting today at 414-645-5800 or 800-613-5118 toll-free!

Comprehensive Babbitting Services for Utah Companies

Utah’s diverse industries, such as mining, manufacturing, and aerospace, require reliable bearings and components to maintain optimal operations. Fusion Babbitting delivers the following services to meet the specific needs of Utah businesses:

  • Rebabbitting
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Arc Flame Spray Application
  • Centrifugal Casting
  • Bearing Inspection and Analysis
  • Hydrodynamic Bearing Repair and Manufacturing

Fast and Dependable Service Across Utah

Fusion Babbitting is committed to providing fast and dependable service to businesses throughout Utah. Our central location in Wisconsin allows us to promptly respond to the requirements of our Utah clients. We recognize the importance of reducing downtime and are dedicated to offering efficient and effective solutions for your bearing repair and restoration needs.

Contact Fusion Babbitting for Your Utah Babbitting Needs

If your Utah business requires expert babbitting services, Fusion Babbitting is the company to trust. Our experienced team is ready to help you with all your bearing repair, restoration, and manufacturing needs. Contact us today at 414-645-5800 or 800-613-5118 toll-free for a free quote and to learn more about how we can support your Utah operations.


If you need babbitt bearing repairs, reverse engineered bearings, or diagnostic testing, contact Fusion Babbitting today for a free quote!

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