Nuclear Plants

Fusion Babbitting provides high-quality bearing repair & rebabbitting services for nuclear plants in the U.S. We have the knowledge and capabilities to restore industrial babbitt bearings back to their OEM specifications. Get a quote on your nuclear bearings today – contact us.

Babbitt Bearing Repair & Restoration for Nuclear Applications

The United States is the largest producer of nuclear power in the world, with nuclear power plants in 30 of our 50 states. Moreover, nuclear power generates about 20% of the electricity used in the U.S as well. The process that creates electricity from nuclear power relies heavily on industrial turbines – and those turbines rely on bearings to properly perform. This is where Fusion Babbitting comes in. Our Wisconsin facility is equipped to repair, restore, and rebuild turbine bearings used in nuclear applications. You can trust Fusion for expert bearing repair services that yield high precision results with fast turnaround times. Give us a call to learn more!

Our Services

We excel in the repair and manufacturing of nuclear turbine bearings. Whether it’s time to have your bearings serviced or an emergency has left you needing repair fast, we can help.

Centrifugal Casting

Our centrifugal casting process has given us a leg up on the competition. Pouring babbitt under a centrifugal force paired with rapid cooling allows us to re-babbitt nuclear bearings with higher quality results. We will also provide an Ultrasonic Bond Certificate to validate the quality of restored bearings.

Arc Flame Spray

We are proud to offer our clients precision bearing restoration services including our arc flame spray application. This electric arc process is an effective metal coating solution for worn nuclear bearings. A new coating will be sprayed onto the bearing and then machined back to OEM specifications.

New Manufacturing

At Fusion Babbitting, we are happy to help OEMs with new bearing manufacturing. We know that you need a reliable source for bearing fabrication and we are equipped to help you with exactly that. Let’s discuss your products and get a manufacturing quote started.

Reverse Engineering

If the bearings you need are no longer available through the original OEM, we can help you reverse engineer your existing bearing with results that are equal to or greater than the original product. Learn more about our reverse engineering process & capabilities – call us.

Emergency Bearing Repair & Replacement for Nuclear Power Applications

When worn bearings cause an outage at your nuclear power plant, trust Fusion Babbitting for precision services with swift turnaround. We can arrange for quick pickup & delivery of your parts to our Milwaukee facility so that they can be serviced and returned in a timely manner. Our team will be prepared to get repairs or reverse-engineering underway as soon as your bearing(s) arrives. We have the expertise and resources to refurbish bearings quickly without sacrificing the quality of our process or the finished product. Learn More.


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