Crushed Stone & Lime Producers

Fusion Babbitting is a trusted source for industrial bearing repair & refurbishment in the U.S. Our services help crushed stone & lime producers in the U.S. keep their equipment operating at peak performance by rebuilding worn bearings to OEM specs. Some of the applications we have experience with include: mining equipment, excavating equipment, compressors, generators, pumps, turbines, motors, rolling mills, and more. Our process is focused on quality from start to finish and finished products are guaranteed to be as good or better than new. Additionally, we promise that your parts will be delivered on time and at the quoted price! Get a quote started today – contact us.

Bearing Rebabbitting, Rebuilds & Manufacturing for Mining Equipment

Equipment used in mining and the production of crushed stone & lime is built tough because the job is tough. Unfortunately, that tough work wears down essential components like motor bearings; shutting down your equipment. Trust Fusion Babbitting for precision bearing repairs, rebuilds, manufacturing, and reverse engineering services. Centrifugal casting and arc flame spray applications allow us to exceed client expectations and industry standards. Our machining experts are dedicated to quality-focused processes, fast turnaround times, and honest communication. Call us at 414-645-5800 or toll-free at 800-613-5118 to learn more about our bearing repair facility and capabilities!

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If you need babbitt bearing repairs, reverse engineered bearings, or diagnostic testing, contact Fusion Babbitting today for a free quote!

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