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Fusion Babbitting provides high-precision bearing repair & manufacturing services for chemical plants in the U.S. If your industrial processing plant relies on compressors, pumps, or other bearing-dependent components, you can rely on Fusion Babbitting for fast, quality repairs! Every part we rebuild is returned on time, at the agreed-upon price, and in a condition that is as good as or better than new. When it’s an emergency, we can offer priority service.

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We Repair Compressors & Pump Bearings for Chemical Plants

Our capabilities include bearing rebabbitting, repair, manufacturing, & reverse engineering. Whether you need a worn bearing rebuilt or duplicate parts manufactured that are no longer available from the OEM, we can help! Centrifugal casting and arc flame spray applications are our specialties; as well as highly effective and sought after bearing repair solutions. We’ll return your bearings to their original condition so that your chemical reactor and fluid systems can operate at peak performance for longer. Call us at 414-645-5800 or toll-free at 800-613-5118 to discuss your needs and how we can help. We’ll get a quote started for you right away if our services match your needs!

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