Aluminum Mills

Fusion Babbitting offers top-quality bearing repair & manufacturing for aluminum mills in the U.S. We help manufacturers in the aerospace and automotive industries with the repair & rebuild of worn bearings in roller mills. We also offer expert reverse engineering services that will help you replace bearings and bearing accessories that are no longer available from the OEM. Get a quote on your needs today – contact us.

Bearing Rebabbitting, Rebuilds & Manufacturing for Aluminum Rolling Mills

Our Milwaukee facility has the capabilities to repair, rebuild, and manufacture bearings used in aluminum rolling mills. We can restore your rolling mill bearings to their original condition with precision-focused rebabbitting and metal coating solutions; including centrifugal casting and arc flame spray. Additionally, we are always happy to help aluminum mill OEM’s who need a manufacturer for their bearings. Whether you’re planning for repair or need emergency services, we can promise quick turnaround and quality results. Call us at 414-645-5800 or toll free at 800-613-5118 to learn more about our bearing repair services for hot & cold rolling mills.


If you need babbitt bearing repairs, reverse engineered bearings, or diagnostic testing, contact Fusion Babbitting today for a free quote!